Split System Air Conditioning

A split air conditioning unit is a good choice for those wanting the comfort of air conditioning in a specific room or certain area of the house.

Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioning

They are good for town houses, apartments, small houses, or offices. The split system air conditioning that A Approved Air supply and install for you are of the highest quality and are both compact and powerful, while still being quiet and energy efficient.

Need Split Air Conditioning

A Approved Air can design, supply and install the best split air conditioning system for your home or business. We can even service and maintain it into the future.

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What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

The name ‘split’ derives from the fact that this type of system consists of both an indoor and an outdoor unit.

If you are wanting to cool or heat just one room, or if your home design does not allow for a ducted system, split system air conditioning is a great choice.

Split air conditioning systems have the fan coil unit mounted inside the room (indoor unit), and the compressor is placed on a flat surface or wall mounted outdoors (outdoor unit). Wall split system air conditioning has the indoor unit mounted on a wall.

Multiple split system air conditioning (or multi-splits) are made up of several wall split devices powered by a single outdoor unit. They are an ideal whole of home heating and cooling solution when a ducted system cannot be installed.

Cassette split system air conditioning is designed for installation into narrow false ceilings – the only part of the indoor unit visible after installation is a decorative fascia. The indoor unit doesn’t take up valuable wall or floor space, and, depending on the model, delivers two or four-way air flow. Floor mounted systems have the indoor unit mounted at a low level on a wall or sat directly on the floor.

Split System Air Conditioning – Choice Through Flexibility

The indoor unit is flexible and you have the option of choosing from:

  • A wall mounted unit
  • A floor console
  • A below the ceiling unit
  • A ceiling cassette

Which one is chosen may depend on the capacity of the unit you need: wall mounted units range from 2.5kW (1.0HP) through to 10kW (4.0HP) whilst below ceiling or ceiling cassettes go up to 14kW (6.0HP).

A Approved Air provide only the highest quality air conditioning split system units which give complete climate control by cooling the house in the summer and warming the house in the winter.

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A Approved Air has been trading since 1990 and is now part of the Fallon Solutions group of companies which has been trading since 1962. As we guarantee our workmanship, you can be assured that we will be around for years to come to honour it. Finally, our Air Conditioning Techs are all fully trained and licenced to ensure the best possible solution for you.

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