Hints & Tips

Buying The Right Air Conditioner

The following information will provide an answer to these two basic questions:

  1. How to ensure that you get the best deal for your money.
  2. What to look for in air conditioning equipment, in addition to brand name.

If you know the following details, rest assured, you will get the best air conditioning equipment.

Air Conditioner Costs

There are two costs associated with all air conditioning equipment:

  1. Capital cost
  2. Running cost

The capital cost is the price of the equipment that you pay for at the time of buying it.

The running cost is the amount that you will keep paying every month in the form of utility bills associated with the operation of the equipment.

Whenever you are planning to buy any kind of electrical equipment, take into account the above information and try to find the most efficient one within your budget. This will save you money in the long run.

A Handy Tip

Always be sure to provide shade for the condenser of the air conditioner if possible to improve efficiency.

Choosing The Right Size

Instead of going into cumbersome calculations, you can use the following general guidelines which have been developed keeping in view the hot climate of our region.

For a room that has ceiling insulation or is downstairs with no western sun and adequate shading on any glass = Allow 150watts per square metre.

Example 20m2 room = 20 x 150w = 3000watts or 3kw

For a room that has no ceiling insulation or is affected by the western sun and has in-adequate shading on any glass = Allow 180watts per square metre.

Example 20m2 room = 20 x 180w = 3600watts or 3.6kw

This sizing is based on 2 persons occupying the room. For every extra person, add 200 watts to the capacity.

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