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Ducted Air Conditioning – A State Of The Art Solution

A Approved Air are experts in providing air conditioning solutions for established properties, and we tailor the solution to the needs of you, the home owner.

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Modern ducted air conditioning systems provide a state of the art solution for cooling and heating your entire house. They are much more energy efficient when compared to traditional heaters and by using a combination of the right sized air conditioner, correct zoning and tailored design by experienced engineers your heating and cooling bills will definitely be reduced.

With ducted air conditioning, the large fan unit sits outside your property, while the indoor unit is generally located in the ceiling and pumps air around the building through ducts.

Ducted Air Conditioning Provides Benefits To You

Ducted systems are very quiet – whisper quiet in fact, with the noise inside your rooms being less than normal background noise. The reason for this is because the main air handling is installed up inside your roof cavity, with long ducts connecting it to your rooms.

Another benefit of ducted air conditioning is the ability to switch zones off when those rooms are not in use. Rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms are generally not used frequently. The ability to switch the relevant zones on and off at will allows you to further save power and costs.

When you are looking for the ultimate in climate control, ducted air conditioning provides the ideal solution for your whole home.

Ducted Air Conditioning Provides Benefits To You Such As:
  • Every room is air conditioned summer and winter – A truly “whole of home” solution.
  • Easily control every room in your home with easy to use “Set & Forget” timers which provide complete central temperature and zone control.
  • Flexibility and economical to run with up to ten zones completely under your control.
  • Eliminates “hot spots” and “cold spots” and provides even air distribution.
  • No need for “ugly” wall mounted units – With grills mounted in your ceilings or floors, ducted systems will not ruin, but rather enhance the overall look of your rooms.
  • Adding valuable resale value to your home – Any real estate agent will tell you that ducted air conditioning also adds to the overall sale value of your home. In most houses it is more cost effective and less intrusive to install ducted air conditioning rather than to install wall mounted split systems in every room.

Ducted Air Conditioning Advantages

  • It can cool a room quicker and maintain a more consistent temperature
  • Because the compressor and fan is located outside, it is generally more quiet
  • Disperses the air around the room evenly, so no hot or cold spots
  • Can be designed to operate in zones, to give even more flexibility

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A Approved Air has been trading since 1990 and is now part of the Fallon Solutions group of companies which has been trading since 1962. As we guarantee our workmanship, you can be assured that we will be around for years to come to honour it. Finally, our Air Conditioning Techs are all fully trained and licenced to ensure the best possible solution for you.

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